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From responsible transformation

to responsible project management

From responsible transformation...

Responsible transformation" is intended to link the transformation processes to the company's ESG commitments, at all levels and with respect to all stakeholders:

  • Company: meeting short, medium and long-term profitability requirements.

  • Customers: adapting to new consumer expectations and working towards their satisfaction.

  • Employees: develop a management model that promotes transparency, benevolence, support and the constant increase of employability.

  • Planet: in the face of the climate emergency, prioritize ESG considerations.


For a company, conducting a "responsible transformation" thus requires acting consistently at several levels:

  • Strategic vision: integrate a clear ambition on the different ESG pillars into its strategic plan.

  • Governance: placing ESG at the heart of the decision-making process and comitology, taking into account the specific DNA of the company.

  • Organization: raise awareness, define and implement the best ESG standards within the different departments of the company (e.g. ESG by Design, HR policy to acculturate and increase the skills of employees on ESG, Responsible and Ethical Purchasing, Green IT, etc.)

  • Operations: gradually decarbonizing operations and core business processes.

... to responsible project management

In line with the company's ESG commitments, at a more granular level, a "responsible project" must embody the expected strategic transformation while having a responsible impact for employees, customers, the community and the planet:

  • "Responsible project management" thus becomes critical, representing the main transmission belt in the execution of the organization's ESG best practices. 

  • The project must apply the different ESG commitments made by the company on different axes: CSR and Ethical Purchasing Policy, Corporate Culture, Eco-design, Green IT, etc.


This is not self-evident and requires adjusting existing operating methods at the various stages of the project (decision file, selection/investment, framing, implementation, deployment and adoption). To carry out this transformation within the company, all departments (including ESG / CSR) have a real role to play.

Bredhill supports transformations and responsible project management

Our ambition is to contribute significantly to the sustainable and responsible performance of our clients. 

From transformation to responsible project management, our main fields of intervention are

Vision & Strategy

  • Formalization of the vision and ambition

  • Strategic plan ESG by design

  • Development plans for green growth markets

  • Contribution of benchmarks



  • Adapting governance to ESG issues

  • Plan to accelerate change

  • Increasing the ESG power of divisions/departments

  • Monitoring of commitments


Responsible projects

  • ESG project management

  • Structuring a responsible project management approach

  • Responsible project management / ESG Smart PMO

  • Providing ESG expertise on strategic programs

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