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Commit to protecting our social and natural heritage.

The world is facing social and environmental challenges that can no longer be ignored.


Today, companies, regardless of their size or field of expertise, must face up to these challenges by reducing the impact of their activities on the planet and by improving the impact on their customers and employees. 


Bredhill has taken these sustainable objectives into account since its creation and intends to continue its efforts.


Respect for the environment and for individuals is part of the company's DNA: these convictions are carried by all the associates who encourage every day all the behaviors that go in this direction.


Evaluation of the impact of our activity

Bredhill evaluates the impact of its activity and its missions through 4 criteria :

- financial: how does the action improve the economic performance?

- customers: what is the benefit for the final customer?

- employees: what is the impact on the well-being of the employees?

- and environment: what impact on the planet?


Our ambition is to maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts in order to achieve sustainable performance.


When we carry out missions, we draw up an "impact sheet" according to these 4 criteria. This sheet serves as a compass throughout our action.

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