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A promise of transformation combined with a positive and responsible vision of the future

Bredhill Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in the finance, insurance and distribution sectors created in 2019 by Antoine de Bellescize and Antoine Peyrel.


With our experience in leading consulting firms in Paris and London, we want to express a new vision of business that reconciles sustainable performance, profitability and responsibility. 


Our ambition? To become the reference consulting firm for its excellence and its responsible attitude towards its clients, its employees and the planet.


We want to create a new model to give a deep meaning to our action with our clients, to federate our teams and partners with enthusiasm and confidence, to share our success and contribute to the common good.


We develop essentially by recommendation.


Our customers are our best influencers. Our employees are our best ambassadors.


We wish to remain a "human-sized" firm, working with people who know and appreciate each other for their expertise as well as their human qualities.

expertise and human qualities.

Notre singularité

Recommended & advisable



Bredhill is uniquely positioned as a trusted, independent advisor to ensure objective proposals



Expertise Métier

We have an in-depth knowledge of the businesses in which we operate



Séniorité de l'équipe

An experienced and seasoned team with successful track records in leading law firms and in companies


Implication des associés

A recognized expertise in the ability to break down, from the scoping phase, strategic projects combining business and solution thanks to the operational involvement of Associates on the mission.


Accélérateurs projet

Bredhill has many methodological gas pedals: Observatories, Benchmarks, Organizational models, Industrialization approaches, ...



Engagement partenariat

Bredhill is able to implement the recommendations made, working effectively with internal stakeholders and potential partners


Vagues blanches

Our values


We do what we say, we say what we do, with honesty and simplicity. Trust and respect are the key.


A fine intelligence and understanding, sharpened, honed, constantly on the alert to give the best. Working hard, surpassing oneself every day, having the extra-mile attitude.


Total mobilization of our teams for the success and growth of our clients. And beyond what we deliver, we are committed to ensuring that our actions contribute to improving society and our environment.


To accompany our employees in their development and to offer them perspectives. Building with them a company that resembles us, giving time and money to support causes that are dear to us.


A more responsible practice

Les étudiants en noir et blanc

We accompany our customers until the effective implementation to ensure the reality of the obtained gains.


We condition 10% of our fees to the relevance of the solutions and advice we provide.


We carry out an assessment of the impact of the projects according to 4 axes: economic performance, employee motivation, end customer satisfaction and environmental impact.


Benevolent and demanding support for each employee by an experienced partner.


Transparent career progression based on performance and commitment criteria.


An environment of trust allowing telework, equality between all employees and respect with zero tolerance for harassment.

Noir et blanc Feuille

For the PLANET

It seems essential to us today to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, both internally at Bredhill and externally at our customers.


This starts with a responsible attitude towards our virtual (data storage, internet consumption, backup policy...) and physical (paper, water, transport...) consumption.


We want to go further by involving our employees both in associations and in the reflection of the transformation of our jobs for the safeguard of our human and plant heritage.


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