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Towards responsible pricing

The rethinking of ambitions in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) is one of the most important topics for Banks and Insurance companies. Several factors have prompted this strategic reflection: greater awareness of these issues among managers, employees and consumers, incentives from the Ministry of Ecology for environmental issues, but also several laws: the Pact law, the European SFDR regulation on the transparency of sustainable finance, in particular.

Everyone has understood that it is now necessary to be clear and transparent about one's CSR (ESG) ambitions and, above all, that it is necessary to prove their achievement, not only to the regulator but also to shareholders, employees, clients and independent non-governmental organizations. The advantage or interest of this trend is that the actions resulting from these new ambitions become concrete, whether it is a question of changing internal practices - governance and also the operational actions of employees to serve these ambitions - or, from now on, the core business, and therefore the Offer.

CSR is now an integral part of the offering of banks and insurance companies. This integration has only just begun.

We have conducted a study on responsible pricing, which seems to us to be at the heart of the CSR commercial strategy, to answer the following questions:

  • How to complement the current offer?

  • Should we propose a 100% responsible offer?

  • Should the responsible offer be in addition to the classic offer? In this case, how can we avoid deteriorating the CoEx? Will this lead to the overall simplification of the offer?

  • If the traditional offer is eventually or gradually phased out, should a "polluter pays" pricing strategy be used on the old range?

  • Do these changes in the offer encourage a more aggressive policy of operational efficiency, simplification of the organization and processes, or at least one that is aligned with the challenges of responsibility?

  • Should we be the first player to claim a completely Responsible offer and pricing?

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