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Our expertise in agility

The agile enterprise :

a constant challenge

An agile company is not fixed in its processes. It never stops questioning its processes and the way it works in order to improve.

The agile company is able to adapt quickly to unforeseen changes (reactively) and to new trends (proactively) in its sector, while maintaining strategic, operational and human continuity.

Our experience in the field, working alongside our Banking / Insurance / Retail customers, has forged strong convictions in terms of agility.

Agile organizational models are essential for combining customer focus, efficiency and competitiveness :

  1. The Agile transformation of an organization is not just an operational issue, but a General Management issue.

  2. To achieve significant benefits, "Agilization" must be embedded in a broader transformation (organization, HR, investment governance, KPIs, etc.).

  3. The initiative should be communicated as a company-wide project, the benefit of which is not the reduction of costs, but rather the improvement of the value produced.

  4. Prioritize a controlled, iterative transition rather than a "big bang" changeover to implement the operational model.

  5. Agility can coexist with parts of a "traditional" organization

The agile enterprise uses a variety of levers to restore the balance between customer and talent expectations.

Bredhill's approach is robust and proven

Why our customers choose us to accelerate their agility

  1. Independence | Bredhill is uniquely positioned as a trusted, independent advisor, guaranteeing objective proposals.

  2. Business expertise | We have in-depth knowledge of the transformations underway in banking, insurance and retail, with recent assignments with major market players.

  3. Seniority of the team | An experienced and seasoned team combining Agile Transformation skills specifically assembled to support you.

  4. Partner involvement | Recognized expertise in the ability to break down strategic projects combining business and solutions, thanks to the operational involvement of Partners on the assignment.

  5. Project gas pedals | Bredhill has many methodological gas pedals from similar assignments, both for Agile@Scale program management and for the transformation of agile practices within the company.

  6. Partnership commitment | Bredhill is able to implement the recommendations made, working effectively with internal stakeholders (Business, IT) and any partners selected by you.


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