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Bredhill's déconfinement news

Bredhill frowns.

During the lockdown period, we continued our assignments completely remotely. This allowed us to deliver projects, even with teams we had never seen physically and even though having children at home meant more flexibility. As a result, our experience of working remotely and using sharing tools has been useful and is now almost "industrial".

While we have been very busy delivering assignments during this period, it has obviously not been conducive to business development, as many of our clients' projects are cancelled or postponed.

Now it's time to unpack and we've had the opportunity to talk to our clients about the next phase, to identify how we can help them - and ourselves!

Concern #1: Staying operational

The first concern is unsurprisingly short-term management. It's about how to get back to work and manage priorities to stay operational. The models are under stress in all their components. Now that the gradual deconfinement is underway, the ambition is to make the most of the phase that has just passed.

Among the subjects on which we are discussing: diagnosis of the organizational and process points that went wrong, review of governance, development of a short-term work efficiency plan, arbitration and prioritization of the project roadmap.

Concern #2: prepare the future

Beyond the restart, the question of preparing for the future has already had an impact on a certain number of orientations, notably the desire to work on the theme of sustainable performance.

This subject is particularly important to us and will be a determining factor in our success in the years to come, both in terms of clients, with the desire to gain in differentiation, and in terms of operations, with the dual ambition of controlling costs and risks.


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