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Banks and environmental transition: taking action!

Banks are often accused of not taking action on environmental issues and yet so much has changed in the last two years!

The environment is now integrated into all strategic plans, and concrete and quantitative commitments have been made. The environmental transition is addressed in all its components: development, finance, risk, etc. Senior executives (COMEX level) are in charge of the CSR (Social and Environmental Responsibility) departments, which are sometimes renamed Impact Department or Commitment Department. Unprecedented efforts are being made to raise awareness and provide training. The time seems to be over when the environmental transition was a matter for a few people in a CSR Department (which was sometimes a bit dusty)!

Is this momentum up to the challenge? Probably not. But in our opinion, it is an essential step.

So rather than seeing the glass as half empty, let's rejoice in the commitments made by the banks and focus on execution: there is already so much to do to succeed in this first step and move from declaration of intent to execution.

The transformation challenges are strategic (elements of the business model are impacted), massive (they affect the entire bank and all employees) and certain (the environmental transition is no longer an option). The entire company must mobilize.

This is the DNA of Bredhill since its creation: "To be a daily actor of the responsible transformation of the financial sector"!


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