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5,000 trees in 2021!

When we created Bredhill Consulting, we wanted to continue to do our job... but differently.

We wanted to move the cursor of our ambitions, to decentralize it towards the preservation of the planet and the protection of all living species (including Man).

2020 reminded us violently of the urgency to do it quickly!

Urgence Planète is our partner for this year 2021!

Founded in 2000, Planète Urgence is an association recognized as being of public utility for international solidarity which acts in development. It intervenes to reinforce the autonomy of populations and protect the environment.

With Planète Urgence, we share the conviction that everyone has the capacity to act to contribute to a planet of solidarity and sustainability. Since 2000, the Planète Urgence team, its partners and its volunteers have been supporting the local development of communities, deploying reforestation and biodiversity preservation programs while raising awareness of environmental issues.

The Environment & Development (E&D) program provides a local response to the pressures exerted on fragile forest ecosystems. It aims to strengthen the livelihoods and capacities of communities to increase their resilience to climate change in countries that are particularly vulnerable to its effects and to deforestation. The core of its work is the preservation of forest ecosystems and reforestation, combined with environmental awareness and economic development through the structuring of natural resource-based industries.

Where do we plant trees?

Bredhill's program focuses primarily on Indonesia because it is both the 3rd largest tropical forest basin in the world and the 3rd country in the world with the most forest loss in 2019. The main focus is to restore the mangrove ecosystem and build resilience in the communities that depend on it economically.

The mangrove is now a coastal ecosystem that provides income to more than

The mangrove is now a coastal ecosystem that provides income to more than one million Indonesians, particularly through the marine resources it supports. It plays a crucial role as a "buffer" between land and sea and contributes to the resilience to natural disasters (storms, tsunamis, etc.). It shelters a rich biodiversity (monkeys, rhinoceroses, birds, ...), provides important resources to coastal populations, and is one of the most powerful carbon sinks in the world.


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