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2023 responsible insurance benchmark

As an expert in responsible transformation, Bredhill invests in research and monitoring to keep abreast of developments in the sector. The 2023 edition of the Responsible Insurance Benchmark is rich in insights.

More than 30 players were analyzed to identify practices and trends towards more responsible insurance, for customers, for society and for the planet. The study focused on 4 key areas: prevention, products and services, pricing and claims management. Particular attention was paid to innovation.

A number of concrete trends and avenues for action have emerged from this work:

Identifying insurance opportunities for new uses

Implement a product eco-design methodology

Innovating product and service ranges: behavioral insurance

Reinventing customer distribution channels to avoid disintermediation

Optimizing compensation to make it more responsible

Rethink pricing or, at the very least, identify areas of pressure on the S/P ratio in the short term.

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Our benchmark can be shared on request :


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